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"In order to improve and progress, you need to be out there and express yourself and communicate in best way possible. I really believe that I have the support and and the structure that is going to help me from now on. I am really glad I made a decision to do this program with Ariel."

AleJandro Garay

Consultant/Partner, Matrix Latino

"Ariel's strategies, teachings, and tactics on how to throw seminars has really changed my business. Yesterday, I was ale to throw my own event in New York. I filled up the room and I was able to close two high ticket clients. Thanks you so much Ariel.

Sam Rivera

CEO, Rebirth Capitol Solutions

"Anyone interested in developing themselves professionally or personally should consult Ariel. You will leave with more confidence, articulation, and with exceptional techniques that delivers results"

Latoya Bullard, M.B.A

Homeland Security

What Warren Buffet says about Public Speaking

You must be thinking what's in for me:

Whether you're an Entrepreneur, Executive, or Employee, one thing's for sure; public speaking matters. At this event, you will not only learn how to be a better speaker, you will also learn how to promote your business through platform presentations. You will benefit from the sharp minds of other like-minded professionals that will put Napolean Hill's master mind principle into full effect. Imagine an event where you come to master public speaking, internet marketing, and receive expert business coaching - all in ONE Program! Our way of teaching is using advanced immersion techniques where you see, hear, and do so the concepts become ingrained and implemented for maximum retention. 

Here is a video of one of client presenting on CNN

What Makes workshop unique

What makes our training so effective is a unique blend of video feedback complimented with hands-on coaching designed to cut through the bad habits that have accumulated through the years. You will learn a unique systematic approach to public speaking, a patented system that's only taught by Atlanta Public Speaking. 

What will be covered in free wokshop

  • How to Find Highly Targeted & Qualified Traffic to Fill Up Your Events
  • Using Advanced Mind Mapping to Create Content - Allowing you to design presentations in 30-45 min
  • Exploring key aspects of delivery from stage movement to knowing what to do with your hands
  • How to use storytelling, statistics, quotes, and analogies to make your message stand out
  • How to open effectively, build credibility, deliver quality content, and close in a powerful, persuasive way
  • How to engage the audience like a pro. Learn key strategies that the pros use to help the audience feel like they're a part of the presentation.
  • How to use strategy sessions to set dedicated appointments with your ideal potential customers
  • How to Structure a Compelling Offer that serves your customers at the highest level
  • Very Interactive - You will have a chance to Speak & Promote your business in front of a Live Audience of business owners and corporate executives.
  • These Structures Will Work For Your Live Events and Online Programs*
  • Whether you are influencing those around you, selling a client or motivating your team, the power of your presentation matters!
  • Our bootcamps are designed as a small group learning environment to allow plenty of practice time

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